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We are currently looking for someone to take over this webshop and / or dealers in the US. We remain open and have no intentions to close.

We have been running this webshop from Sweden for five, six years now. It's hard to run a small company when all your customers are on the other side of the globe. Shipping is expensive, packages get lost and currency exchange rate fluctuates.

We are willing to work out a deal that would work well for both of us. The website works well and we have web development skills, so if someone is willing to make a serious attempt at running the webshop, we could assist with web development. The website has been the same since the start, so there is a lot that could be done. We are very flexible. This could be a partnership where we run the website and you take care of shipping and customer service.

We are also looking for dealers. This is our product catalog with products that we could offer. We currently only have a Swedish version, but the pictures are pretty self explanatory. We have store displays.

If you're interested, have questions or a suggestion, contact us at jimmie@proscandinavia.com.

August 7, 2014


Our ice-fishing store is open 24/7.

Shipping usually takes a few days or weeks longer before and around Christmas. The earlier you order the sooner your equipment will arrive. Expect orders placed in mid-late December to take 3-4 weeks.

Shipping cost is always $9.00 and our handmade products can only be purchased through this web shop. We use Paypal for secure online payment.

Ice fishing in Sweden has a very long history and tradition. Our equipment and techniques have been developed and improved for generations.

We at ProScandinavia are a bunch of serious and dedicated anglers who preferably spend our winter days out on the ice. The last 15 years we have devoted countless hours to improve techniques and equipment. All of our lures and hooks are handmade. Extremely careful in every detail.

The ProPirk vertical lures are made of punched and bent plates of nickel silver, brass and phosphor. Inside is a core of lead to get the right emphasis and weight. Loops are of course stainless steel wire.
Even the smallest model is relatively heavy and fast in the water.

The different sizes and its specific motion in the water is tested and developed over many years. Appearance, materials, and weight is not an accident but a result of rigorous and sometimes fanatical study of vertical jigging or pimple as we call it.
All treble hooks are handmade and extremely well done. Each hook is much like a little piece of art. There are various combinations of yarn and glue to cover up the vast majority of situations on the ice.
We're proud to offer genuinely Scandinavian made tungsten marmooska/mormyshka jigs. 


You can learn more about our hooks and ProPirk in the Tackle Tips-section.
 In tournaments in Scandinavia it is often only Perch that counts, because of that, it has become our favorite sport fish just before Walleye, Northern Pike and Char.
However, our products works equally well on all other species. With different set ups and bait you will catch Walleye, Northern Pike, Trout, Whitefish etc.. just as easily as we do!

 Welcome to our world of ice fishing!

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